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What are probiotics and botanicals?

Probiotics are a mixture of live ‘good’ microorganisms that help to balance bacteria in the gut to promote good gut health. The connection between the brain and the gut is well documented, a healthy gut contributes to cognitive performance. 

Botanicals are plant extracts that have been used in traditional medicines for their various properties to support brain health.

How easy is it to cancel a subscription with get dopa?

You cancel your subscription easily at any time you like from your online customer account, or by sending a cancellation request to

What does no fillers, colourants or nasties mean?

Exactly that. We promise to only ever use high-quality ingredients in get dopa that have been selected to provide you with benefit and are easily absorbed by your brain and body. Other food supplements sometimes add colourants, lower quality & less absorbable nutrients, and fillers and binders to pack and fill a capsule. 

How quickly is get dopa delivered, how do I track my order, and do you ship globally?

We aim to dispatch your box within 24 hours from your order Monday to Friday and deliver to a UK address for free via Royal Mail Tracked 48 Hour Service. We provide you with the tracking link via email when the box is passed to the courier, and you can see this information in your online customer account. You can ask us questions or check in on your order on at

We ship globally and the cost and expected delivery time can be seen on our shipping page here

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

Yes. We’ve taken great care to use sustainable packaging. Our letterbox box is recyclable and the pouch containing get dopa capsules is home compostable. All our packaging is 100% plastic free. 

I don’t want my neighbours knowing what I’m taking, how is the packaging branded? 

We appreciate that privacy is very important and get dopa is packaged in boxes that are not branded at all on the outside.

Did get dopa conduct any studies to confirm the benefits of the nutrients?

The get dopa formula has been carefully created to use ingredients that have subjected to plenty of scientific research. A selection of these research papers can be found on our ingredients page

Can children take get dopa?

get dopa has been formulated for the nutritional needs of adults. We therefore advise you to speak with your GP or medical professional about individuals under age 18 before taking the supplement.

Our full ingredient list can be seen on the ingredients page on our website.

Can I take get dopa when pregnant or breastfeeding?

We don't recommend taking get dopa while you're pregnant or breastfeeding.

We look forward to being there for you once your bundle of joy is weaned.

Where is get dopa made?

get dopa is manufactured and packed in Oxford, England.